eastPLUGGED Junior Award

We give young musicians the opportunity to present their talents to a larger and competent audience.

[Friedenskirche, Hegelstrasse 16, 40882 Ratingen]

Kind of eastPLUGGED

Friday 10 May 2019 | 8pm | Wolfgang Haffner & Band “Kind of eastPLUGGED“

Wolfgang Haffner [dr] | Christopher Dell [vib] | Simon Oslender [p, rhod] | Christian Diener [b]

At the Swedish Ystad Festival in early August 2018, Wolfgang Haffner presented a new member of his band, Simon Oslender, aged 20, on the piano and Fender Rhodes.  When such a talented young musician meets three absolute professionals on stage, the result is a quartet of the highest quality, joy and variance, whose performance has been qualified as the festival's top event by the press. We are very happy that Wolfgang Haffner [dr], Christopher Dell [vib], Christian Diener [b] and Simon Oslender  [p, rhod] will present an extended version of the Ystad concert especially for us as "Kind of eastPLUGGED".

Tickets at a reduced price of 30€ can be purchased during the interval of the Mozdzer  concert on 08.02.2019.

Regular tickets at 35€ each [incl. drink, snack and CD lottery] can be ordered via e-mail to  100519@eastplugged.de 

All: subject to availability, line-up changes possible, no return or change of tickets.

eastPLUGGED 19

Thursday 31 October 2019 | 7.30 pm | „K&K“ double concert

I: Joachim Kühn [p] „Melodic Ornette Coleman“
II: Håkon Kornstad [sax, voc] „Tenor Battle“

For the 2nd time eastPLUGGED® will present a double concert, now with two artists, who (at first glance) couldn't be more different, both with their solo program.

We are delighted that Joachim Kühn, one of Europe's greatest jazz pianists, will be performing again at eastPLUGGED® in the year of his 75th birthday, this time solo and with a program in honour of his former artistic partner, saxophone legend Ornette Coleman. From the musical pool of these concerts Joachim Kühn selected various pieces (the "melodic ones"), rearranged them and will now present these compositions in the Friedenskirche with familiar energy.

For the second part of the evening we expect a completely different type of musician: Norwegian saxophonist and tenor (!) Håkon Kornstad. The title of his program gives an idea of what happens when jazz meets opera, saxophone meets vocals. Nevertheless, our advice, if you don't know him yet: don't listen to or look at anything in advance and be surprised. You will enjoy this energetic concert even more intensively.

Tickets at a reduced price of 35€ can be purchased during the interval of the Haffner concert on 10.05.2019.

Regular tickets at 40€ each [incl. drink, snack and CD lottery] can be ordered now via e-mail 311019@eastplugged.de [subject to availability]. Line-up changes possible. No return or change of tickets.