Friedenskirche in Ratingen
Konzert Ranatala


The protestant community in Ratingen-East is not only endued with the Friedenskirche [Church of Peace] and its church room, featuring a very special concert ambience by an interaction of architecture and liturgical stylistic elements.

The community is also proud to have Thomas Gerhold as their pastor, who is a music enthusiast and enables to perform various concerts and other cultural events as part of his theological activity, wherein the international Jazz concerts are presented along with the USB foundation under the label eastPLUGGED®.

This cooperation allows to engage musicians of the international premier league without any further support and without any influence by sponsors as well as to experience their performance in a very personal atmosphere.

The superb acoustic of the church interior, where numerous CD recordings took place, makes every concert a unique experience for guests and musicians.

During the interval, drinks and a little snack are served without additional costs and a lottery of CDs, signed by the artists, is arranged thereafter [suspended due to pandemic].

Tickets for the upcoming events are sold with a discount during the previous concerts [suspended due to pandemic]. Another option to buy tickets is by e-mail via an e-mail address, which is individually set for each concert. NO BOX OFFICE [all subject to availability, no return or change of tickets].